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The Infant HeadBedTM is an FDA approved device that aids in the prevention of Plagiocephaly or Flat Head Syndrome.  Plagiocephaly usually manifests within the first few weeks after birth as a flat spot on the back of the baby’s head.  It is usually caused by an infant sleeping with its head in one, preferred position, rather than positioning the head randomly during sleep.  The most common cause of this position preference is torticollis.  For information on torticollis, click here.  The Infant HeadBedTM allows the parent or caregiver to position the infant’s head to either side during sleep to help prevent flattening.

The Infant HeadBedTM is placed under the baby’s head during sleep.  The soft foam cushion helps hold the baby’s head in the position you chose rather than the position the baby prefers.  If plagiocephly has already started to develop, the parent can position the baby’s head away from the flat spot to help prevent it from worsening.  If needed, the Infant Head Bed can be set in place after the child is asleep. To avoid suffocation, the Infant Head Bed should only be used until the child is able to roll onto its side (normally at 5 months of age).  If you have questions you can call Dr. Warnock’s office at (801) 571-2020 or visit


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