Helmet therapy


Helmet Therapy is simple in concept, but needs to be carried out by an experienced team in order to avoid complications.  OurA custom fitted helmet is made for each child.  The helmet fits snugly on the head providing gentle pressure for the prominent areas, and relieving pressure on the flat areas of the head. The shape of the the helmet will allow the flattened areas  of the head to expand into the unfilled areas of the helmet. This allows the helmet to actively mold the head as it grows. The age of the child will determine the length of time the therapy is needed. On average, the time that the skull needs to fully correct itself is between three to six months. the helmets are made by an orthotist working with a craniofacial surgeon and/or pediatric neurosurgeon. Cranoifacial surgery may rarely be needed for children with severe deformities.

In our office, we work with SPOT (Specialized Prosthetic & Orthotic Technologies).  Their chief helmet orthotist, Phil Stevens, has years of experience in fabricating, fitting, and adjusting helmets.  You can visit their website at www.spotutah.com.

On the first Wednesday of each month, we hold a combined Helmet Clinic in our office in Draper.  This allows parents to visit with both Dr. Warnock and Phil, get helmet adjustments, and coordinate care in one office visit.  This is a very convenient way to combine visits and coordinate care. 

After an initial consultation with Dr. Warnock, helmet therapy can be started by consulting with Phil Stevens at SPOT.  The process is started by creating a plaster cast mold of the baby’s head.  From this cast, a model is made.  From the model, a helmet is made.

To schedule an appointment in the Helmet Clinic, please call our office at 801-571-2020.

Helmet Therapy

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