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Children with craniofacial issues can have complex problems to deal with.  A child with a cleft lip and/or palate will need help from a plastic surgeon, speech pathologist, dentist, orthodontist, ENT surgeon, and a feeding specialist.  With all these issues, it is easy to see why good communication between providers is essential to getting the best possible outcome.  It is well established that “Team Care” is the best way to care for children with clefts.  The advantage of the team setting is that a coherent plan can be formulated and carried out for each child.  This often requires that surgeries be coordinated so that procedures can be done by different surgeons at the same time.  This helps to limit the number of times that a child needs to go under anesthesia.  It also facilitates communication between doctors and parents so the whole process can be less confusing and more efficient.

At Primary Children’s Medical Center, we have such a team.  The Cleft Palate/Craniofacial Clinic is comprised of experienced craniofacial plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists (ENT surgeons), a dentist/orthodontist, speech pathologists, and a nurse coordinator.  For information on our team , click here.  To contact our team coordinator, Leann Roling, R.N., click here or call 801-662-1630 or 801-662-1602.  To contact Dr. Warnock’s office, call 801-571-2020 or click on the Contact Us link above.

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